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Dan Black Horn and his wife Bertha spent most of their lives in the Allen and Porcupine area. Dan and his wife were also part of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and toured all over the world, including Europe. Dan and his wife would bring gifts back to their families from their travels. In many of their trips they would bring dishes and material back for their relatives.

Dan died in 1953 when he was accidentally ran over in Nebraska. Majority of Dan Black Horn's tiospaye live in the Porcupine area on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.




(3) Dan Black Horn (1864-1953) married Bertha Burning Breast (1862-1933)        


         (4) Emily Black Horn, married Edward Iron Cloud (1881-1908)


                (5) Isaac Iron Cloud (1912-1983), married Irene Pourier

                        (6) Eldean Iron Cloud

                                (7) Carmen Weston

                                (7) Farrell Weston, married Bridgette Perkins

                                        (8) Wacey Weston

                                        (8) Bradley Weston (deceased)

                                        (8) Kiley Weston (mother-Lynette Cuny)

                                (7) Marlin G. Weston, married Evelyn Lone Hill

                                        (8) Marlon D. Weston

                                (7) Troy Weston, married Carol S. Clifford

                                        (8) Derek Weston

                                        (8) Colby Weston

                                (7) Lionel Weston, married Thetna Cuny

                                        (8) Kristin Weston

                                (7) Colleen Weston (deceased)

                        (6) Paul John Iron Cloud. Sr.

                                (7) Paulette Iron Cloud

                                        (8) J.L. Iron Cloud

                        (6) Myron Iron Cloud


                (5) Edward Mark Iron Cloud (1918-1998), married Mary Locke

                        (6) Emily Iron Cloud, married William Koenen

                                (7) Angela Koenen

                                        (8) William Iron Cloud

                                (7) Mark Koenen

                                (7) Lew Koenen

                        (6) Eileen Iron Cloud, married Paul Robertson

                                (7) Laurel Iron Cloud

                                        (8) Zaina Iron Cloud

                                        (8) Eddie Iron Cloud

                                (7) Robert Iron Cloud

                                (7) Willow Robertson

                        (6) Alberta Iron Cloud, married James Miller

                                (7) Darcy Good Crow

                                        (8) Jaylin Garnette

                                        (8) Janessa Garnette

                                        (8) Jada Good Crow

                                (7) Jeffrey Good Crow

                                (7) Jesse Miller

                                (7) Isaac Miller

                        (6) Ardis Iron Cloud, married Ted Hamilton

                                (7) Dustin Baird

                                (7) Santee Baird

                                        (8) Tierra Baird

                                        (8) Chase Baird

                                (7) Mary Baird

                                (7) Sonja Baird, married Luis Figueroa

                                        (8) Gianna Figueroa

                                (7) Hail Baird

                                        (8) Devyn Valandra

                                (7) Brian Baird

                                (7) Grey Hamilton

                                (7) Elliot Hamilton

                                (7) Wanbli Gleska Hamilton

                        (6) Ethleen Iron Cloud, married Rick Two Dogs

                                (7) Lana Iron Cloud

                        (6) Edward Iron Cloud, III

                        (6) Gararl Iron Cloud

                        (6) Jeffrey Iron Cloud

                                (7) Jodi Iron Cloud

                                (7) Michael Iron Cloud

                        (6) Orlin Iron Cloud

                                (7) Sage Iron Cloud

                                (7) Orlin Iron Cloud Jr.


                (5) Lillian Iron Cloud, married David Tuttle

                        (6) Donna Tuttle

                        (6) Henry Tuttle

                        (6) Harold Tuttle

                        (6) Everett Tuttle

                                (7) Monica Tuttle

                                        (8) Lillian Montelongo

                                (7) Robin Tuttle

                                        (8) Ashley Tuttle

                        (6) Beverly Tuttle

                        (6) William Tuttle

                        (6) Irene Tuttle


                (5) Daniel Iron Cloud, married Christine Red Eagle (White Eyes)

                        (6) Danielle Iron Cloud, married Archie Two Eagle

                                (7) Delane Two Eagle

                                (7) Valerie Two Eagle, married Shawn Patton

                                        (8) Shawn Patton, Jr.

                                        (8) Christine Patton

                                        (8) Darryl Patton

                                (7) Archie Two Eagle, Jr.

                                (7) Michael Two Eagle

                                (7) Tarah Two Eagle, married Kevin Trueblood

                                        (8) Jesse Trueblood

                                        (8) Manual Trueblood

                                (7) Marshall Two Eagle

                        (6) Manuel Iron Cloud

                        (6) Esther Iron Cloud

                        (6) Daniel Iron Cloud Jr.


        (4) Stella Black Horn (1898-1923) married George Iron Cloud


                (5) Seth Matthew Iron Cloud (1920-1975), married Ruby Elaine Red Wing

                        (6) Stella Elaine Iron Cloud

                                (7) Cy Matthew Black Horn (twin) married Gayla Weston

                                        (8) Caliphea Black Horn (mother-Patricia Endischee)

                                        (8) Michael Catches

                                        (8) Galen Mato Black Horn

                                        (8) Cassandra Black Horn

                                (7) Lance Black Horn (twin) married Mona Lisa Baloo

                                        (8) Chelsea Black Horn

                                        (8) Tyler Black Horn

                        (6) Patricia Diane Iron Cloud

                                (7) Brett Tashman

                                (7) Ramon Bear Runner Jr.

                        (6) Roger Iron Cloud, married to Lorraine Montes

                                (7) Joshua Iron Cloud

                                (7) Cody Iron Cloud

                                        (8) Michaela Iron Cloud (twin)

                                        (8) Gabriela Iron Cloud (twin)

                                (7) Jenny Maree Iron Cloud

                        (6) David Ray Iron Cloud, Cynthia Mathias

                                (7) Seth Iron Cloud

                                (7) Lizette Iron Cloud

                                (7) Mitchell Iron Cloud