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Robert Bad Wound was a very respected man. He was voted the first Pine Ridge Agency Tribal President back in 1934. His granddaughter, Jennie Imitates Dog, remembers her grandmother, Jennie Quiver, making a traditional buckskin suit with a warbonnet and beaded moccasins for Robert to wear for his visit to Washington, D.C. He wore a buckskin outfit with a beautiful war bonnet.  

Robert created an elementary school for his grandchildren out at their property, Pretty Hip Creek. The one room log cabin school house was built in the early 1900's for his grandkids. 

(3) Robert Bad Wound (1872-1939) married Jennie Quiver of Wanblee, SD area.

         (4) Ella Bad Wound, married Richards  


                 (5) Grace Ella Richards (1934-1998) 

                         (6) Roger White Thunder

                                (7) Roger White Thunder, Jr.

                                (7) Randy White Thunder

                         (6) Ella Day Richards

                                 (7) Jaime Senior

                                 (7) Peter Senior

                         (6) Elmer Richards

                                 (7) Trent Morgan Richards

                                 (7) Alyssa Grace Richards

                         (6) Wyatt White Horse

                         (6) Morgan White Horse


                 (5) Lara Richards, married William "Bill" Wilcox

                         (6) Myron Richards, married Shirley Marshall

                                 (7) Jeremiah Richards (twin)

                                 (7) Zachariah Richards (twin)

                                        (8) McKenzie Richards

                                 (7) Jedadiah Richards

                          (6) Kevin Richards

                                 (7) Mandy Richards

                                 (7) KC Richards

                          (6) Byron Wilcox


        (4) Daniel Bad Wound, married Julia Monroe


                (5) Robert (Shla) Bad Wound


                (5) James "Jimmy" Bad Wound (twin) married Agnes Fire Thunder

                          (6) John Bad Wound Sr. 

                                    (7) Tori Bad Wound-Moore

                                    (7) John Bad Wound Jr.   

                          (6) Marvin Bad Wound

                          (6) Jimmy Charles Bad Wound

                                    (7) Gayla Adams

                                            (8) Randi Christine Hunter

                                            (8) Rachel Hunter

                                            (8) Raquel Hunter

                                            (8) Rena Hunter

                                            (8) Rebecca Hunter

                                    (7) Antoinette Julianna Adams-Brewer, married Charles L. Brewer

                                            (8) Matthew Ray Brewer (twin)

                                            (8) Angelene Faith Louise Brewer (twin)

                                            (8) Francis Jude Brewer

                                            (8) Louis Angel Brewer

                                            (8) Anna Maria Brewer (6/1998-10/1998)

                          (6) Mary Bad Wound


                (5) Susan Bad Wound (twin) 1928-1929


                (5) Vera Bad Wound

                        (6) Shirley Big Eagle

                                (7) Damon Leader Charge

                                (7) LouDan Leader Charge

                                (7) Leon Leader Charge

                                (7) Tisha Leader Charge

                                        (8) Samantha Grace Clairmont

                                        (8) Louis Daniel Clairmont

                                (7) Lila Leader Charge

                                (7) Paula Leader Charge

                                        (8) Morgan Rain Leader Charge

                        (6) Wayne Bad Wound

                        (6) Keith Bad Wound

                                (7) Ben Marshall

                                (7) Wesley Bad Wound

                                (7) Danielle Lynn Bad Wound

                        (6) Arnold James Blue Bird

                        (6) Robert Bad Wound

                                (7) Robert Bad Wound, Jr.

                                (7) Rhiannon Bad Wound

                        (6) Vera Lynn Bad Wound, married Marty Hoiten

                                (7) Laura Hoiten

                        (6) Jonathan Bad Wound

                                (7) Jonathan Bad Wound, Jr.

                                (7) Lovencia Bad Wound

                                        (8) Dominique Joshua Red Owl

                                (7) Luke Bad Wound

                                (7) LaCosta Bad Wound

                        (6) Peggy Bad Wound, married Kurt Fosdick

                                (7) Lou Fosdick

                                (7) Chad Fosdick


                (5) Wesley Bad Wound


                (5) Gary Bad Wound


                (5) Wheeler Bad Wound (1935-1937)


                (5) Elgin Bad Wound, Sr. Ph.D.  married Luann Pumpkin Seed

                        (6) Elgin Bad Wound Jr.

                        (6) Daniel Bad Wound

                        (6) Derek Bad Wound


         (4) Oliver Bad Wound, married Cecilia Short Bear (5 kids) remarried to Mary Last Horse


                (5) Jennie Lucille Bad Wound, married Andrew Imitates Dog

                        (6) Teresa Imitates Dog

                                (7) Agnes Imitates Dog, married Charles Cummings Sr.

                                        (8) Melissa Joe Cummings

                                        (8) Laura Ann Cummings

                                        (8) Andrea Dawn Cummings

                                        (8) Austin Andrew Cummings

                                        (8) Shaelyn Cummings

                                        (8) Morgan Cummings

                                        (8) Coy Cummings

                                        (8) Coby Russell Cummings (triplet)

                                        (8) Cory Derek Cummings (triplet)

                                        (8) Cody Shawn Cummings (triplet)

                                (7) Oliver Shawn Imitates Dog

                                (7) Celeste Belle Imitates Dog

                                        (8) Autumn Larae Kamerzall

                                        (8) Zoe Jenn Romano

                                (7) Beau Derek Imitates Dog

                                (7) Sandi Solana Imitates Dog

                        (6) Baby Boy Imitates Dog, died at birth


                (5) Leroy Ellis Bad Wound, 1930-2002


                (5) Joy Gabriel Bad Wound, married Doris Six Feathers

                        (6) Joy Bad Wound Jr.

                        (6) Patricia Bad Wound-Conway

                                (7) Sean Bad Wound

                                        (8) Brady Bad Wound

                                        (8) Bailey Bad Wound

                                (7) Christopher Bad Wound

                                (7) Timothy Bad Wound

                                (7) Justin Patrick Bad Wound

                        (6) Melody Bad Wound-Wright

                                (7) Thomas Wright

                                (7) Jason Wright

                                (7) Anastasia Bayer

                                (7) Dakota Bayer

                        (6) Bruce Bad Wound

                        (6) Charles Bad Wound

                        (6) Reynold Bad Wound

                                (7) Ryan Bad Wound

                                (7) Jamie Bad Wound

                                (7) River Bad Wound

                        (6) Eric Bad Wound

                                (7) Brittni Marie Bad Wound

                        (6) Tony Bad Wound


                (5) Jesse Bad Wound

                (5) Jacob Bad Wound


        (4) Grace Bad Wound (1908-1995) married Hugh Whirlwind (1906-1982)


                (5) Mabel Whirlwind

                (5) Norman Whirlwind

                (5) Stella Bad Wound (1927-1984)

                (5) Marvin Whirlwind (1938-1993)


        (4) Eva Bad Wound (1911-1993), married James Last Horse


                (5) Mary Emily Last Horse, married Lyle Noisy Hawk, Sr.

                        (6) Lyle Noisy Hawk, Jr.

                        (6) Lynelle Noisy Hawk, married Good Sell

                                (7) Jarod Noisy Hawk

                                (7) Aiyana Good Sell

                        (6) Janelle Noisy Hawk, married Javier Andrade

                        (6) Shanda Noisy Hawk


                (5) Isaac Last Horse, married Sophie Salway

                (5) Florence Last Horse


        (4) Isaac Bad Wound